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Process Solutions for Lenders

DMP Processing & Decisioning

Peregrin's automated solutions for transaction logging, reporting, and decisioning are reliable, scalable and secure, driving down costs while improving process efficiency.

Portal to Mastercard® RPPS®

While CCAs can always enter proposals and other transactions directly into Peregrin for free, we provide creditors with a simple, easy access to the RPPS® network for DMP's, enabling transactions with high-volume CCAs faster, with less cost and more flexibility than building and running an interface internally. Plus, the interface platform powers reporting and management tools to enhance DMP and CCA management.

Automated Processing

Peregrin's automated processing enables you to easily migrate from your current mail, fax or EDI processes to a web-based platform for transaction logging, reporting, document storage, and digital decisioning responses to CCA's.   Plus the platform provides full accountability, online accessible archiving, and transaction histories whenever needed.

Decision Automation

Peregrin's EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and API (Application Program Interface) solutions provide seamless integration between your technology platform and Peregrin's data decisioning platform. Our reliable, auditable, secure, table-driven custom rules engines have been providing automated decisioning for over 16 years.

Both options provide extreme flexibility, standard and custom reporting, monitoring, and tight integration to your management process to ensure optimal portfolio performance.

Referrals and CARD Act Compliance

Looking to optimize your customers' success through referral to the best agencies (CCA's)?  Peregrin's patented, customizable, and fully automated referral services reach any agency you choose and that wants to receive your referrals. Peregrin's CARD Act service greatly improves your customers' experience, while enabling you to confidently fulfill regulatory requirements. 

CARD Act Toll-free Number

Peregrin manages the toll-free services for major issuers, in compliance with the requirements of the 2009 Card Act, providing custom agency selections, a suite of reports and full audit capabilities.  Advantages of this service include call reporting, monthly line updates and compliance validation reporting.

Customer Referral Management

The Peregrin referral program connects your customers with the help they may not be able to get from you.  Let us help you design a referral program that enables your customers to get connected to credit counseling agencies, in a confidential, secure, and compliant manner.

Due Diligence and Agency Management

The Peregrin|Link secure website portal is visited regularly, if not daily,  by all active credit counseling agencies. Our customers leverage this reach to conduct surveys and exchange secure communications with CCAs. They can even acquire documentation and attestations from agencies for due diligence or just data gathering.


Peregrin also provides a robust and secure electronic document communications platform for broadcasting policy changes, file transfers, and reference material to agencies to help improve service to cardholders.

Portfolio Support

No need to staff up for agency support. Peregrin solutions drive portfolio performance while reducing support needs, keeping your costs low. Peregrin leverages our industry reach for the most comprehensive and current agency database, offering access to all agencies regardless of association affiliation, size, or non-profit status.


Traditional balance verification can take 2-3 days to turn around. Plus, everything else your customer needs from the agency requires a phone call to you - more cost to you or less service to your customer. Peregrin improves experience and performance by delivering full account status and balance information, every day, on every active account, for each agency in a secure, downloadable portfolio status report. Your customers get fresh, accurate information, you save time and money with fewer agency calls, and you may also get better liquidation.

Support Tools
  • Account number matching for portfolio acquisitions

  • Secure File Upload and Messaging for account number and NPI exchanges

  • Support webinars for agency training and announcements

  • Document repository for policy history, forms, and sample statements

  • Productivity reporting, automated fairshare disbursements, process monitoring

  • The industry's broadest and fastest electronic communication platform

  • and much more...

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